• Jeynas mom ,
  • Oceania The water dragon king ( O-chu-ni-a)
  • demonic Dragon made ( due to Killisa's magic)
  • When Killisa takes over
  • Jenna's Scythe it cuts through mostly anything
  • Future Jeyna
  • Male version of Jeyna
  • preteen Jeyna
  • Teen Jeyna
  • child jeyna


Cute dark skinned anime girl by jeyna123-d965spu

Wavy brown hair , green eyes and is tan skinned. wears a white colored shirt under a tan colored sweater with a skirt. she has a slim body with medium size breast 



Bluefeild is loyal,adventurous,nice and can be rude at times loves doing fun stuff with her friends and is self sacrificing and shes strong



Oceania the water dragon king

Jeyna is a water/ice dragon slayer. Jeyna can turn into water , appear on clouds , can sink into the ground she can eat water and ice and draw in water from the clouds to give her more strength and she can summon a scythe. Jeyna is also able to teleport since there water like mostly everywhere but she only does it when in a battle

water dragon roar (ice) - The user first inhales, gathering water ( ice ) in their mouth, and then releases such water ( ice ) in the direction of their opponent

water dragon wing attack- The user rushes forward against two or more opponents. While doing so, the user produces a large stream of water from each of their arms, which, when it comes in contact with the foes the attack burly injures them

water dragon tsunami punch- when water surrounds users fist and running up to opponent punching them

anywhere and it will feel like a tsunami hitting you 

water dragon tidal kick- water surrounds user's foot just like Wendy's sky dragons claw but its water 

water dragon queen of the waves- a huge wave comes comes and hits opponent whipping them out used

for 2 or more opponents 

water dragon multiple tails- when water surrounds users fist and user start punching opponent multiple times 

water dragon crushing waves- when one wave are on both side of you crashes into you putting 

unbelievable pressure on you 

water dragon whirl pool( ice )- when spinning blades of water surrounds the user and blades come flying from 

the spinning water and attacks opponent

water dragon burst( ice )- water comes out from under opponent sending you into the air 

water dragon acid rain- when user points their hand out boiling water come shooting down from the sky

attacking opponent 

water dragon scythe attack- when user summons scythe but water clones circle the opponent all attacking at once but in a fast motion and the user is in the air and swipes her scythe across the air and a blue light blade sends down hitting opponent

water dragon strike(ice) -spinning water comes down from the user with a powerful amount of magic power in the attack 

hits opponent  

water bombs- ten water balls appear round opponent and they explode 3 seconds after they appear

water ice dragon arrows-this attack forms water into ice arrows and if the opponent hits it and brakes the arrows it will simply shatter into water drops and form back into a ice arrow ( unless opponent uses fire magic )

water dragon barrier(ice)- strong enough to block any attack( you would have to be as strong as zeref to brake the barrier) even s-class wizard ,demons,and gods 

====WATER DRAGON SECRET ART, TORNDAO-  when water forms around opponent and opponent start getting tossed around and badly getting hurt the water dives in on opponent putting pressure on opponent and easily knocking them out ( kind of like a real tornado )====

WATER DRAGON SECRET ART, KING'S ROAR-The user first inhales, gathering water in their mouth, and then releases such water in the direction of their opponent and its 100x more powerful then a original roar

WATER DRAGON SECRET ART, FROZEN- when it starts to rain then everything freezes and Jeyna's scythe is in her hand she then strikes her opponent that is also forzen ( this spell is a form of dark magic )

water dragon secret art, lost sea- ( this spell is a form of dark magic and takes a lot of magic energy away for user) user cast the spell and says secret words " gods of the sea hear my plea ,lend me your strength and power ...NOW, WATER DRAGON SECRET ART ...LOST SEA"the sky becomes darker and a big portal opens and sea monsters or demons swim around in the portal and opponent and user can hear the roaring and the crashing waves as if their in a crazy storm water chains come out attack the opponent if the chains get hold of you they grab you tight making it impossible to break free of , the chains are strong enough to lift of some that way more then 1000 tons

Jeyna can go to dragon force and demonic dragon force (mode )

Jeyna can not eat acid ,or polluted water ( poison water)



Merleya Jeyna's mother

Jeyna lived in a small village with friends then a fire happened because of a dark guild and mother was killed but she gave a necklace before dying in the hands of a guy that been searching for her and the main source of the water kingdom so jeyna set of into the wilderness 2 weaks past a she was kidnapped by some wizards in a dark guild they tied her up and casted a spell causing one of the strongest demon princesses the demons name is Killsa and as soon as they put killisa into her the demon took full control over Jeyna then killing the dark wizards then walked away the demon a day past and Jeyna was restroed back having no memorie of what happned she only knew that she was kiddnaped but after that was a blur but the memories were coming back to her .3 months past and a water dragon named Oceania ( O-chu-ni-a ) the water dragon king he new a lot of dragons ( fire dragons ice dragons earth dragons death dragon...)found her wondering around in the forest, he took her in  and taught her magic ( basically she a demonic dragon slayer ) then at the age 9 he left her  8 years past and she joined the guild fairy tail by helping Lucy , wendy, and their team on a job 

Likes and Dislikes 

Jeyna loves donuts and fight ...shes likes hip hop and R&B music , her guild and she loves protecting it . She dislikes....evil , dark guilds and annoying people and losing fights 

KILLISA Demonic Power 7:30
DRAGON FORCE Treacherous Waters 6:53
DEMONIC DRAGON FORCE Seeking Freedom 4:40
BATTLE Escaping the karken 3:15

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